In every project that we start, our goal is to align ourselves with our clients to shape together the perfect space for them. From performing to the maximum in an office in the center of the city or resting on the sofa at home, to vibrating with excitement when crossing the finish line of a marathon. For us, the place of action is always key.
A good space must be in the precise location, distributed in the correct way, present a suitable aspect according to the personality of the project and all this must be built in an efficient, clean and solid way for the correct development of the activity it houses.


We understand that our job is to create the right place for each activity and each client. We learn from each type of project we do and little by little we accumulate experience in different types of areas. The variety of project typologies is what keeps us awake, we believe that the influences that different projects can have between them is what brings freshness to the table.

  Sports events
  Cultural events
  Fairs and Stands



At NOUON, we work the entire process of conception of the space since we listen to the initial concerns of the client until we deliver the built and finished space.

First Approaches to the Project and to the Client
In a first phase, we advise the client to assess the potential of the project to be carried out. Depending on each project, these first studies may be more focused on the distribution possibilities posed by the space, approximate costs of the project, legal scenarios that affect or even the choice of the perfect site for that project.

Concept and Draft
This is the phase in which the project is shaped. It is the most creative moment. Based on conversations with the client and visits to the site, we work on proposals to arrive at a final design that convinces the client and fits within the approximate budget that arises.

Execution Project
Based on the approved draft, a project is developed with detailed definition both in graphic documents and in the writing of all the works and materials. This project is essential for budgetary control and for the construction of the space.

Equipment and Budgets
With the project in hand, we advise the client in choosing the right work teams for the construction of the space and in obtaining and negotiating budgets.

Supervision of the Execution
During the whole construction of the space, we supervise the process to get to the final result the client proposed on the project.

Starting Up
During the start of the activity, we attend to the details that may arise in order to leaving the space ready for its proper use